Rosie Harper - Hawkes Bay Print

All of my artworks contain a little something of my life, past, present and future and are art deco inspired plus my very vivid imagination. They usually have fleeting moments of passion, thoughts of love and beloved things within my life, captured in them, always trying to show the beauty of the world around me as I see it.

I confess to being a dreamer and observing my surroundings with 'Rosie coloured glasses'. I always see good things, before bad and try to portray beauty within each piece. I have exhibited extensively in London, Europe and New Zealand, where I now live and feel so much at home. I have many private collectors, all around the world who have become my friends. I have been published in Society Magazine, California USA on 3 occasions, with Suzie De Co, Jeopardy and Valentine featured as the front cover artwork.

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A few questions I asked Rosie....

Where do you seek inspiration for your art, what inspires you?
I use a lot of my imagination, cliché I know but it's true. My love of architecture, vibrancy of life and colour just sets the scenes for me. The lyrics to songs as well play a big factor in my art and I try and capture that fleeting moment when it actually means something to someone.

What is your favourite colour and why?
Purple, I read somewhere that it was a recently invented colour, but even if that is not true, it is such a great mixture nonetheless. It is the base for a good red wine, a ripened fruit, warm and rich, so although vibrant, also soothing and mellow at the same time. It is a colour that makes me smile.

What do you love about being an artist?
Just having the ability to do - I would be bereft without this creativity thing going on in my head and my heart, having experienced it. Some people say "I can't paint" but have they really let themselves go and given it a try, just for them, experienced the way that they would like to put that brush into the colour and lay it gently onto the canvas? Being able to do this artist thing is a release to me. It matters not whether people say I am good or bad or indifferent, I love what I do and not many get the opportunity to be what they want to be.
What professional and personal obstacles have you overcome to get where you
are today?
I don't think I have overcome them all yet, possibly never will, but as an obstacle professionally, it has all been about money. It seems to me that to make a dollar by selling your art, you have to pay two up front to get it seen. Also it now seems that everyone and their neighbour is an 'artist' so it is a constant struggle to just get 'noticed'. My painting and poetry "Angst" pretty much sums up how I feel about these so called 'professional' obstacles.
What training/education you have completed, and what did you gain from those
I am very proud to be a Self Taught artist, I gathered every book I could from the library, went to every museum and art gallery I could and scrutinised each artwork and then sat in front of my easel and dismissed it all and painted the way that I wanted to. Its basic learning, with a lot of yourself mixed in that is the real lesson, oh and keep on learning as you go, what works for you and you only. 
What creative ideas and plans are in the pipeline for the next 12 months?
Just going to continue keeping on and not make too many plans, just see where life takes me. I would like to be busy with exhibitions and shows, lots of commissions, numerous trips to the Post Shop to send out paintings to happy clients and lots of time in the studio painting too, so I will try and fit that all in :-) 
What makes you laugh out loud?
Silly basic human humour, observational stuff and I know that 'they' whoever 'they' are talk about the British humour, but yes I do get 'it'. Billy Connolly, Danny Bhoy, Dylan Moran, Black Books, Blackadder, Fawlty Towers….. 
Who is your favourite Artist, and why?
Salvador Dali because he was totally passionate
What styles of art do you like, and why?
Art Deco, Nouveau and Surrealism
What would you like to see change in the Art Industry?
That it stops being an 'Industry'.