R. Brian Ezzell - Hamilton Print

I enjoy paintings with strong composition, saturated colour, contrast, and a dash of texture. 

I do not have any prejudgments as to what a finished painting should "look" like in the end, but rather what it should feel like. 

I prefer to paint images where the subject is still, but the colours and textures have movement. During the process of painting a picture I like to experiment, looking for a new approach to a painting. 

This may be seen in the way I portray the relationship between the subject and its surroundings. The Masters, the colours of Camille Pissarro, the light of Monet, the textures of Van Gogh, and the classical beauty of Michelangelo influence me.

In 2000, Brian began teaching himself the really old-fashioned way...by trial and error. After 3 inspiring trips to New Zealand and 1 to Europe he began to dedicate more time to his painting. He enjoys working with various subjects, but often returns to florals, due to his love of plants. Brian has been visiting and living in Hamilton New Zealand for over 8 years and is currently working towards getting residency. Currently he has several pieces as part of private collections in New Zealand and the US.

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