Deanna Gracie - Christchurch Print

Contemporary Jewellery

From a lifelong interest in making things, I began to study jewellery design in 1992. I soon realised I had found my niche and have been happily creating contemporary jewellery ever since.

I draw inspiration from the beauty of the natural environment and vibrant New Zealand culture. Observing the changing tides and fascinating bird life on my daily walks around the Southshore spit allows endless design possibilities to surface.

The idea of permanence in jewellery is important to me and so I choose to work in precious metals and gemstones. I love creating works with contrasting colours and textures using layering techniques to achieve a tactile 3D effect.

Free form organic shapes are my favourite. Each piece of jewellery is made from the heart and so ends up being a truly unique piece of wearable art.

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A few questions I asked Deanna...

What do you love about being an artist?
I love the freedom to be able to create whatever I feel the need to express at the time. This freedom allows me to leave my mark on the world - I like to think that long after I'm gone perhaps a part of my creative spirit will live on.
What exhibitions are you most proud of?
My two solo exhibitions at Cloisters Gallery at the Arts Centre in Christchurch - they were both celebrations of nature and a salute to this wonderful land I live it - Aotearoa. I loved the freedom both exhibitions gave me to show what I was made of and I'm very proud of what I achieved.
What professional and personal obstacles have you overcome to get where you are today? 
Being self taught and having a lack of self confidence in myself and my skills from both the design and the technical side of things have been a real challenge I have had to work through in the past. But I'm a strong believer that with a good work ethic, lots of tenacity, topped off with a big dose of believing "I can do anything" - these character traits can overcome most obstacles.
What essential lessons have you learned from any mistakes?
To always be true to myself.
What styles of art do you like, and why?
I love art that makes me feel warm and soft inside and I want to go back again and again to see if I still feel the same way. I love paintings with lots of layers of muted colours and where parts of the painting lie just below the surface nearly hidden from view, but not quite and you have to look really hard to find them.